Presentation Skills Training

Have you been looking for advanced presentation skills training in the Philadelphia area or New Jersey?

Have you considered presentation skills coaching in place of attending another workshop?

Are you responsible for other presenters who would appreciate the opportunity to take their communication skills up to a new level?

Do you or your team have an upcoming presentation that must go well?

A good presentation skills workshop provides valuable training. However, the personalized attention available in a workshop is limited because of the busy agenda and multiple participants. Workshop evaluation forms always include comments like: “Individual practice was the most valuable part . . . would have liked more.”

When powerful presentation skills become essential to your success or the success of your team, it’s time to put the emphasis on feedback and coaching, instead of on more teaching. It’s time to zero in on strengths that can be enhanced and performance issues that can eliminated. It’s time for that extra effort that marks all high performers.

Learn more about presentation skills coaching by reading about How It Works.  Then give me a call or send an e-mail.  You won’t be obligating yourself to anything.  We’ll just talk about what you want to accomplish and how we might work together if it makes sense to you.